In these parts we take sleeping seriously. Insomnia can strike anyone at any time for many different reasons. Our dedication to a good night's sleep doesn't end with our own sleeping patterns, we want everyone to sleep well. That's why we conceived of this web page, to share strategies.

Young people enjoy 'staying up' past their bedtimes, why just the other night our 10 year old wanted to stay up late. She wanted to watch Star Wars again. Not wanting to watch any Star Wars, we searched for a better alternative. IMDb (Internet Movie Database) is the direction I turned on this occasion and I found something that worked well. Captain America circa 1944 was just the ticket: not too long and not too intense, almost calm in today's action-hero standard.

While watching I found myself becoming sleepier and sleepier, until I just had to go to bed. This got me thinking about insomnia and non-drug strategies.

Seems to me like the old black and white movies are perfect for lulling an insomniac to sleep. Long spaces without dialogue, background music, or commercials puts anyone in a sleepier mood. In keeping with our mission of sustainable comfort, we offer our selection of sleep-inducing films, provided by the generous organization Watch for more soporific selections as we further our research and development.

here is Charlie Chan's Secret (1936) if you prefer an audio book click for Moby Dick


Charlie Chans Secret

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