Rail Travel transformed the United States of America in profound and persistant ways.   The rail beds of this transformation remain, graded into the very landscapes.  The utilization remains, the safety, low cost and community influence remains.  The joy of rail travel is under-reported and under promoted. 

We the People have a powerful and vital rail system.   It can be moreso, supporting a greater sense of "we are all in this together", and diluting our dependance on Oil (not to mention caffeine).

What will happen if America's youth starts talking about how important and vital Rail Transportation is NOW in America.?

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    Rail Travel

Rail Travel is one part of a greater migration unfolding now in our Country.

A Sustainable society is the direction we are moving in.  Where to start?   Walking is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to a healthy life, home, community, city, state, county, and world.  As trains and streetcars were driven out of some of our cities in favor of automobiles, the beds for the tracks

remained and were put to other uses:  

View lay of the land 4 outdoor skaters in a larger map

Rail Travel has a great many enthusiasts.  If you look at travelogue McTour (part 1) on YouTube, you will see countless train features.

These folks enjoy privately owned custom traincars:    American Associtation of Private Railroad Car Owners        Railroad Passenger Car Alliance 

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