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Richard Fraktyle appears courtesy Edge of Order Music 2013
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PN11 was recorded and filmed live.
Thomas A. Bouse Productions Presents
PN11 Richard Fraktyle and the Blood Brain Barrier (2013)
Visions on the Nebraska priarie bring deeper meaning to
Richard Fraktyle's edge of order jazz.

Director: The McNeeLees
Writers: Richard Fraktyle Richard Fraktyle and the Blood Brain Barrier
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Richard Fraktyle appears in Nebraska, places himself behind a Grand Piano, contemplates his mission and executes flawlessly.
The Blood Brain Barrier is following closely behind. out of control or a master and commander, the trail leads to the Edge of Order and beyond. minutes of your time will find you spun up in a Rich Web with no cares or wheres.
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July 8, 2015