The combination of essenial oils requires multiple disiciplines. Aromatic discernment creates sublime results.

Physiological properties of essential oils can be combined to enhance specific activities.  Custom blends for exercise are invigorating and enhance breathing. Wear a scent to work that is calming and professional. Study with a blend that facilitates memory and creativity.  Perfume for a date is the original aphrodisiac.


In a consultation, we will select notes based on your intended use, and your personal preferences. 


Traditionally, perfumes are made from naturally occurring smelly substances like resins, flowers, fruits, animal secretions, mosses, etc. When single scents are blended, they combine and change each other, they evaporate at different rates, and they combine with your personal chemistry.

When a natural perfume is applied to your body, it is absorbed through the skin and metabolized, then released again each time you sweat. Thus, the same perfume will smell different on cloth than on a person, and smell different from person to person.


Modern petrochemical perfumes mimic natural molecules but do not offer the same benefits. In fact, synthetic fragrances can be confusing to the body, and are often dulling to the sense of smell. 

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July 21, 2012